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From cost slayers to value drivers

Why Shared Services? For Improved quality of service delivery/ Optimize cost/ Agility and scalability?

The way of doing business has transformed over past years. Now the major focus is on coping up with digital changes that are affecting the way of doing business and staying relevant in the market. Automation and AI are disrupting the economy and bringing a shift in the processes, way of work and end to end deployment of the services. Organizations need to capitalize on the evolution of digitization, harness it with the power of technology to separate themselves from the rest of the pack by taking advantage of being early adopters and not being laggards.

Process consolidation, optimization and end-to-end integration is what organizations look for in order to scale up to next level. But there are still some misconceptions and hurdles that hinders in organizations growth like,

  • Is going for shared service only a management fad or organizations' do seek some value out of it?
  • Focusing on the battles of yesterday, not those of tomorrow.

  • Having inadequate monitoring and risk management.

  • Gap in the skillset of workforce, which needs to be filled and transformed.

What are organizations capitalizing on?
Learn from the leaders, about how they are building capabilities, implementing new technologies and proper processes into place to create an edge over others.

Featured Speakers

Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

Create business value through new business oriented offerings and improved performance globally

Building trust in strategic partnerships to co- create and co- innovate

The 3 A's trifecta changing the way of business operations

Manage processes and build the change with proper ERP

Getting today's workforce ready for tomorrow

Who should attend 2nd Edition Shared Services Summit 2019?

Head/ VP/ Director of:


Shared Services – Finance/ HR/ Operations/ Technology


Transformation and Delivery


Global Business Services


Supplier Strategy and Performance


Shared Services Transition


Indirect Procurement



Why to sponsor:

Where else will you get a chance to meet the senior professionals of Shared Services from across Industry?
Where else will you get to know what are the requirements of laying down the best Shared Services strategies?
Where else will you get to know about the trending technologies and measuring tools in Shared Services professionals are looking for?
Partnering for Shared Services Summit will enable your organization to brand and promote the business offerings in unique way to differentiated audience group. Conference Attendees: Head of Shared Services, Transformation and Delivery, Global Business Services, Supplier Strategy and Performance, Shared Services Transition, Indirect Procurement, Administration who are keen to stay updated with changing disruptive world to sustain in the VUCA Times. Ways in which you can showcase your Brand:

  • Chairing the Face Off Sessions
  • Showcasing your Thought Leadership and Industry Knowledge by being a part of panel discussion
  • Positioning your brand as one of the partners across the Summit communication
  • Displaying your products and services during networking breaks or exhibition booth
  • Sharing company literature to attending